Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ask, Trust and You Shall Receive!

Embracing the Changes Within

I'm feeling rather inspired to write a bit about something that a lot of us are experiencing or contemplating these days. Over the past few months and especially this past weekend at the expo, I've observed that there a lot of people going through some major changes in their lives. Either they are contemplating how to make the changes they feel are long overdue, or just starting to make those changes.

The new energies that are coming in these days seem to be almost forcing us onto our true life paths, sometimes whether we like it or not. There seems to be an almost intense urgency for us to get in alignment and start doing what we came here to do. I'm getting big chills through my body even as I type.

Some of us are seriously considering or in the process of leaving our 3D jobs and some are feeling the energetic push to do so. Some of these changes are even being forced upon us by creating situations that make us so uncomfortable that we are almost being given no choice but to walk away.

This is not only what I've observed from the many readings and Reiki sessions I've done with people lately (especially this past weekend), but in my own life.

Some of you know that for the past two years I've been receiving clear messages about the idea of walking away from my own 3D job and walking into my 5D life purpose. I've fought this for two years now out of sheer terror of not having any income to cover my 3D needs. Then along came Metatron: A Matrix of Healing (thank you Elaine!!!), which allowed me to decrease the number of hours at my 3D job, which then allowed the "transition time" that I felt I needed to get my act together. This has given me the feeling of safely so I could move into the 5D career without fear or worry about where the money was going to come from.

This has drastically changed yet again. I can feel an almost electric energy vibrating around and within me that tells me that life will never be the same after this - as tears of joy start to well up, telling me that this is a very good change! I somehow suspect that some of you out in cyber-space may know this feeling of which I speak because you are experiencing it too!

Some of you already know that about two weeks ago, I quit my day job that I had been at for the past eight months, due to some stuff that I won't get into. Suffice it to say, I was "forced" to leave that situation, leaving myself open to bigger and better possibilities.

To top it all off, two days after I quit, a very good friend of ours shared a message from a close family member of hers who passed a way not too long ago. Danard and I were incredibly blessed to have met Patricia a few times, who was the most amazing and gifted light worker I think I've ever met.

Our friend Chris shared with me last week that she got a reading by a medium, and that Patricia had a message for me. She told Chris, through this medium, that I don't have to do any job that I don't want and choose to do. That was it...simple, but exactly what I needed to hear, as that was two days after I quit my job. Me being stubborn, I still wasn't ready take the leap of faith and walk away from 3D jobs permanently.
My original plan was to go back to driving school bus when the unexpected happened.

Danard offered to support me for a month so I can focus 100% on Thunderbird Sky so I don't have to go back to a day job. WOW! This really blew me away. Talk about a HUGE gift, and it gave me the push I needed...

As of yesterday morning (April 24), I had also planned to re-take my required re-training starting today, "just in case" I still needed to go back when the month was up. BUT. I found out yesterday that's not possible, due to being so close to the end of the school year. So much for the "just in case" back up plan. Go figure… I am, as I think many of you are as well, perched on the precipice and ready to take the big leap into the unknown. Much to my utter amazement, I'm not worried - not even in the least. Ok - maybe a tiny bit, but without the fear this time around. That change, in and of itself is a significant one. Something big must be in the works. Needless to say, I'm pretty pumped about this whole thing, and wanted to share it with you all.

A lot of you out there know one thing about me - that I've had a lot of difficulty in this whole idea of really trusting that the money will be there when I need it, and that I really don't need this 3D job thing. It's taken this experience to force me to trust. I'm also now being forced to walk the talk that I talk about during classes, readings and sessions.

The lesson in all of this - that when the divine timing is right, the situations and opportunities WILL and DO cross your way to get you on the path that you set in motion before you came here. If it hasn't already happened, it's guaranteed that it will soon. We all need to trust that the shift happens when we are ready - no sooner, no later. It may take us years to get to this point, but it does and is happening. And not just to a few of us, it's now happening to everyone. No one is immune to these new changes that are coming in.

As we come closer and closer to 2012, we are gradually or more often that not, not-so-gradually, being guided onto our true paths. Those who fight this process are in for a rough ride. But if we learn to breath deeply and accept these changes with grace, ease and beauty, something I'm finally learning, we will no longer need them to be difficult or painful. The changes can even be joyful and full of laughter and excitement. But this is a choice that each of us has to make. We can do this the easy or the hard way, but regardless of how we choose to shift with the shifting of the ages, it's happening. With or without us.

The biggest key in all of this is trust. Trust, trust, and then trust even more - as I look sheepishly at my keyboard, averting the many eyes of those who have told me time and again to just get out of my own damn way and stop living in fear of the what-ifs. Okay, okay, I get it. Which is why I can now confidently stand on my soap box and say to all of you - If I can do it, so can you!

Oh...and by the way, these changes aren't limited to just our job & careers. These changes are going to be and are affecting every area of our lives - career, relationships, health, prosperity, family, self-worth, life purpose, etc. Everything we have known up to this point in history is being re-wired and re-written. Our very DNA is changing in order to open us up to greater and higher vibrations of light than we've ever experienced before.

Life as we've known it to be up to this point, is a thing of the past as the veil between here and there is quickly disappearing. The sooner that we realize all of this, the sooner that we can get on with the show. And… the only way to ride through these changes… is to strap on our eight foot Angel wings and enjoy the view!

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