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Lucinda Drayton - "A Hundred Thousand Angels"

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Eve Ensler on security | Video on

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Interactive EFT Abundance - Start Here!

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EFT Tapping Create Abundance Affirmations

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Animal Totem of the Month
~ Hummingbird ~
Joy, Infinity, Taking in the Sweetness of Life, Persistence in the Pursuit of your Dreams

It is not commonly known that the fluttering wings of the hummingbird move in the pattern of an infinity symbol - further solidifying their symbolism of eternity, continuity, and infinity.

By observing the Hummingbird, we see they are seemingly tireless. Always actively seeking the sweetest nectar, they remind us to forever seek out the good in life and the beauty in each day.
Amazing migrators, some Hummingbirds are known to wing their way as far as 2000 miles to reach their destination. This quality reminds us to be persistent in the persuit of our dreams, and adopt the tenacity of the Hummingbird in our lives.
The most profound questions the Hummingbird asks is:

  •  "Where is your joy?"

  • "Is your happiness found within, or do you seek it externally?"

  • "What is the source of your joy?"

  • "What must you do to increase your joy?"

Sorrow and worry have no place in your life today, as Hummingbird's message is one of absolute joy. Hummer's darting movements, flashes of brilliant reds and greens, and unmistakable whirr are all guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of even the most dour among us. If live has been difficult of late, know that joy is whirring your way.
Hummingbird – the tiniest of all birds – brings special messages to us. It is the only creature that can stop dead while traveling at full speed. It can hover, or can go forward, backward, up or down. It lives on nectar and searches for the sweetness of life. Its long tongue lets it bypass the often tough and bitter outer layer to find the hidden treasures underneath. Hummingbird is loved by the flowers and plants, for as it sucks the nectar from the flower, the plant reproduces and more of its’ kind are created. In many traditions, Hummingbird feathers have been prized for their almost magical qualities. It is said that Hummingbird brings love as no other medicine can, and its presence brings joy to the observer.
Hummingbird medicine teaches you adapt easily to whatever situation you may find yourself in, and make the most of your new circumstances. Don’t waste time looking back and wishing for “what was” for you are concerned with making the most of “what is.” Hummingbird can help you with addictions to any artificial stimulants, as she helps you find joy in your own heart. She can also teach us to take pleasure in spreading joy and love and beauty to all around us,  and take that inner joy into new and different surroundings.

She also teaches us to find the good in people, and not be put off by a gruff or abrupt exterior. It’s about learning to get beyond that tough outside layer, and finding goodness and beauty inside.
Those who have Hummingbird as totem (or those who she has crossed paths with) may have a gift for working with flowers, maybe growing them to share with others, or using flower essences for healing. Aromatherapy may be your calling. You can also think about adopting these therapies into your own healing process.

Hummingbird medicine is about letting go of the things that weigh you do to bring in high energy so your spirit can be free. To restrict that wonderful, free, loving energy is to suffer great depressions and feelings of uselessness. Hummingbird must fly free in search of beauty, spreading joy and love to all it touches.