Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Messages from Osha - The Dolphin Kingdom

Riding the Waves of Change

Greetings dear ones! We are very happy and joyous to be transmitting these messages to you at this time. We are encouraged to know that you are all well on your way to become great leaders in the forefront of change and transformation of our world. You are all becoming, or rather, remembering who you are at your very core of your nature - which is the pure God-Essence.

We know and understand that many of you are experience a great upheaval in your daily lives. We also recognize that at times, it may be extremely difficult to navigate these uncharged waters given the intensity of the changes that most of you are going through at this time. Many of you are experiencing what one might call depression, anxiety, fear, and even wondering if you truly have a purpose or calling to be here in the physical. We would like to say that even though it may appear that all is lost, including your life-purpose and desire to remain on the planet, if you choose to stand tall through these changes, that you will find a great peacefulness on the other side.

There is great purpose behind what appears as struggle and heartache. As the butterfly uses his struggle to be released from the cocoon as a means of strengthening its wings so that it may fly, so too are you doing the very same thing. For without this day to day learning and growing process, you would not be ready for what is to come when the veil has been lifted and the unseen is now visible. It is in this process that you are able to see the true gift that you are to the Earth, and to the entire Universe. For without you, Mother/Father God could not have the experience of being.

We would like to say to you at this time that all is truly well and on track in your world and all is happening as it should be, even though it may seem to you that the entire world is in upheaval. It may appear as though the control mechanisms in your world – the government, religion, large corporations, etc – have an ever increasing amount of control and manipulation being held in your vibration, but this is also an illusion. You are all reaching a breaking point in which a decision will be made.

Let us help you to understand that you are exactly where you need to be, even those who are seemingly in the dark, in order to transform your world. It may appear as though all is caving in around you, which is being reflected in the economic and political arenas, but what is truly happening below the surface is much different. These systems which have been held in place for a millennia, are now being restructured. In order to do this, the old systems – the old ways of being in your world, must be broken down and then rebuilt to fit into the new vibration that is entering your world at this time. No longer will beings be allowed to force others into submission using fear and control tactics. Trust us when we say that this perceived “downturn” has been long awaited and should be celebrated.

We would like to assure you that you are all on time for what we perceive to be as the greatest, most monumentous change that your world, or any other world, has ever seen. Never before has a world of such illusion and control, has managed to break free of its chains as you are in the process of doing. We see that you are all making great strides in moving forward into a world of true peace and joy where all are in service to each other and the greater all. You are all on the brink of greatness and healing the final remnants of your beliefs in limitation. Your very deepest core issues are now surfacing and seeing the light of day so that you may heal them once and for all. It is when you are in your deepest struggles and facing your most challenging fears, that you are the closest to breaking free of them.

Many of you know these things already or at least sense them on a deeper level, but are in need of a reminder that you are all on the right track, and by simply breathing and consciously connecting to the deeper parts of yourself, you will be able to ride through these changes with joy, beauty, laughter, playfulness and most importantly, with love. When you focus on simply allowing these changes to take place rather than fight against them, this uncomfortableness that you are feeling will be lifted. We also ask that anytime that you feel a resistance or have any feelings of pain, anger, frustration, etc, that you take several deep breaths and allow yourself to connect to us – the Dolphin kingdom - for we are here to assist you make an easier and gentler transition. We are here to remind you of the joy and laughter that can be experienced through this transformational process.

In order to connect to Osha, one only thing that Is required is to breathe deeply and focus on thoughts, images, sounds or feelings of the ocean and the Dolphins who live there. We are telepathically connected to all in the human world and know instantly when you are wishing to connect with us, as we wish to connect to you also. It is our purpose at this time to assist you in a joyful transition from where you are to where you are going.

Once connected, ask for what healing it is that you require or questions that you may have. Have a pen and paper, or better still, a recording device so you may recall what messages or insights you have received. Or, just simply sit or lay in quiet stillness and allow yourself to receive the blessings of Osha. The more often you do this, the easier your transition will be and the quicker you will find yourself experiencing more joy and abundance in your life.

We would like to end this transmission by saying that we love you all so very deeply and are here for you whenever you require our assistance. All you need to do Is ask – but ask you must – for we also know that it is in the asking that we know that you are ready and willing to receive. We wish you many blessings and send you the light of the Creator to walk with you through all of your many journies.

With Great Love, Laughter, Joy and Respect,
Osha – The Dolphin Kingdom

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