Friday, March 31, 2006


I just redid my savings o metre today, as well as the "time left" metre. And of course, according to my bank account, I have less money saved than I did 2 weeks ago. How does that work exactly? Ah yes...bills, and rent and groceries, etc. I'm really hoping I get lots back for my income tax return, otherwise I'm doomed to full time employment at the day job.

Hmmm...gotta think of ways I can save more money.

Stay Tuned,

Monday, March 20, 2006

Back Online on the Other Side The Other Side is up and running again, and I'm now posting the personal journal stuff over there again. Got some new stuff over there, so don't sit here and watch the grass grow! Head on over and see what's up in Morgana's world...


Friday, March 17, 2006

Day 8...

Yet another night of not being able to sleep very well. This is becoming a very nasty habit. For about...oh...I'd say 2 months now, I go to bed at night, I do sleep, but I wake up in the morning feeling more tired than when I went to bed. I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm lucky if I feel rested once a week. The rest of the time, I feel like a walking zombie.

This whole 30 day goal seems to be going nowhere fast (see The Other Side for details of the 30 day goal). Even the idea that I might be able to drop down to part time, seems pretty much like an impossible feat. Maybe if I had the time to work on my taxes, which may give me a fair amount of money back to me, seems like a far distant reality. Hmmm...maybe I should be working on that right now, rather that sitting here and avoiding the things I need to do. My goal was to have all my receipts organized by this Sunday. Where am I now with that? Haven't even started. In fact, I haven't even looked at the file folder they're sitting in.'s decided. As soon as I get off the computer, I'm going to go get those stupid receipts, and start organizing. If I don't get it done by the time I have to leave for work, then I'll work on it as soon as I get home tonight. And lucky me...I put in for early leave tonight, so I'm off at 6pm. So, no excuses. If I really want to change my reality, I'd better start doing something about it in terms of the money part of it. I really want to find out how much I'll be getting back from revenue canada.

Last year I got $1275. I'm thinking I'll get more this year, because of the fact that about $550/month gets taken off my paycheck for taxes. I didn't start this job until August of last year, with the prior 2 months having hardly any work at the previous job. I wouldn't have made enough money overall last year, for them to take that much money from me. Between that, and a lot of money was spent on trying to build the business. So, that could mean a huge return...I hope! I'm budgeting for only $1000, in terms of my money saving goal though, just to be conservative, so that I'm not disappointed if I get way less that what I'm hoping for.

So, with that in mind, I've added a "savings counter", so I can visually track how close I am to my minimum goal of $2500 in savings, which will enable me to have about 5 months of savings to cover me on only working part time. I think having this kind of visual that I can update periodically, will help my focus of actually saving money up. I'm also adding a day counter that shows how many more days to my target, which is to have that minimum of $2500 saved up by April 30. These 2 counters will give me a visual as to how much I've saved, and how many more days I have to meet that target. The day counter should give me the fire to get off my butt when I need to, as I get ever closer to my deadline.

Okay. That's all I have to say for this morning. Time to go have breakfast.


This post should be on The Other Side, but due to technical difficulties...

Well...less than 2 weeks using blogspot and already I'm not very impressed. I've been trying for about 20 minutes to post something on The Other Side, and I can't even view that page. When I click on that link, I get a message that says something like "forbidden. You don't have access to this server". Like...I'm sure...It's my freekin' blog! Sheesh. Why wouldn't I able to have access to it. Much less the thousands of readers anxiously awaiting my nex post over there...(ya right...I wish! lol...) I sure hope that this isn't the norm on this blog site, because if it is, I'll moving to another site, and telling all my friends, not to come here. I wonder if this is one of the reasons that my friend, Leigh, decided to move her blog to blogcharm. Leigh, if you're readin' this now, care to share if this is "normal" to have problems like this with this site?

Anyhoo. I'll make my post here, that I was planning on putting on The Other Side.

I think I'm on day 7 of the "changing my reality" series. I don't seem to be too good at keeping on top of things with my posts over there, or here for that matter. My "excuse" you ask? Well, when ya get home from work after dealing with crabby customers all day, who wants to sit in front of the computer any longer?

But, enough of that. Complaining won't get me anywhere, lol. Onward and Upward...

We left off with our last episode where Danard and Candice having just had a long meeting with Wes and Angela about web marketing. Ugh! All I can say is that it seems as if the more information that I get on this whole subject, the more confused and frustrated I get. Sometimes, I really wish that I could live in the whole "ignorance is bliss" mentality, because sometimes, I really think it would be easier. But alas, we're trying to run a business, so I guess I have to give in and just go with it, and learn as much as I can.

We're looking forward to our next meeting on Sunday with my good friend and fellow blogster, Leigh, from The Spinning Pen (have I mentioned that she's a fabulous writer yet? If not, I say Go See Her Blog!!!She's great!!! )

Danard and I are meeting with her because she has agreed, unless we really un-impress her on Sunday, on a trade of services. We provide her with relaxation and readings and stuff of that nature, and she provides us with much needed HELP in the marketing of our little baby called Thunderbird Sky. I actually ran into her at work the other day, which considering the size of our office, is amazing, as she was temping as team manager while ours was in training. She gave me a slight hint on what she's going to be presenting to us on Sunday. Something about a 3 pronged marketing plan, as she gets this...mischievious yet excited look on her face that made her look like she had the secret to the universe in her back pocket. I'm hoping she really does! So, needless to say, I'm very intrigued as to what she has up her lovely little sleeve, and how it may possible have an influence as to if and how I can quit my day job. Maybe she's suddenly morphed into somethine like a genie in a bottle, and is about to grant us all our greatest wishes! Hmmm...what would I wish for, besides the obvious, of course? I need to think about that one for a while...

So...we'll be giving her a session - a reading and a reiki - what we've lovingly nicknamed the "R 'n R", to not only help her do some needed relaxin' that she needs, but to give her an idea of just what it is that we have to offer the world, and why it needs to get out there to the masses, and all the movie stars and rock stars of the world! ---I only hope that we're really THAT good...hehe.

So, who knows, maybe there's hope yet for us, and in particular with this obsession that I have with not wanting to be stuck at a day job that makes me crazy, for the rest of my life. Maybe I can keep my sanity in tact for a little while longer. Maybe Superman and Batman really exist and are standing outside my door, freezing their butts off, waiting to come in for some hot chocolate with big fluffy marshmallows.

Hopefully long enough to survive my hopefully short stint at (Insert company name here...). Oops...too late. I think that was my sanity that just ran out the door a minute ago...

Stay tuned...

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I got sidetracked last night...

So much for posting something on the "other side" (ooh...that's what I should call that blog...hmmm..I like it). I started looking at some other friends blogs (spinning pen and miss fern) and got caught up looking at "blog tools", and found this really amazing webtool for building your own website, and they do the hosting too. I've discovered a way easier way of building a site. So, I was up until 12:30am last night, fussing around with it. It's not much to look at yet, but it's a start. I have to figure out how to personalize my template now. But, if anyone is interested, you can go check it out at .

Please, if anyone has some input on how to make this thing visually "stimulating", please comment or email me. For someone who's really great at designing business cards, logos, doing cool stuff in photoshop, I'm at a loss with the visuals of a good website, even though I've seen a million sites and have a good idea of how they should look. I get in front of my own site and completely draw a put intended...hehe.

In any case. Go, check it out, fill out the guest form. Start a discussion. Send an email. These are about all the things I've enabled so far, because everything else is in creation mode. Ugh, this is a lot of work!

Oh, and I must not forget. If you decide to use these guys also (which so far, I highly recommend, tell them I referred you (of course, tell them my REAL name...Candice Creelman) cuz there's a referral program. But wait until my free trial is done, as I don't get credit until I'm a paid member. Their tech support is amazing. I send a question last night and within 20 minutes, I had a real reply from someone, not just one of those automated responses saying "we'll reply in 48 hrs or less.". I send another one before I logged off last night, and there was a reply this morning, so these guys are really good! Now I just have to talk Danard into us spending $12 / month to become a member. I think it's well worth the money. Go check them out.


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

New Blogspace

I've decided that it would be a good idea for me to add my own personal blog to my repertoire where I can rant and blahblahblah about stuff that has nothing to do with Thunderbird Sky and stuff related to that. This will be the blog where, if I feel like ranting about what a lousy day I'm having, I can do that and not worry about looking "unprofessional" on the business blog.

Soooo...if anyone is interested, they can check out my link to the right to the new addition. It's the one at the top that says "Morgana's Personal Blog Page" (editor's note: now called "The Other Side?!"). Feel free to go check it out.

Okee...that's all for now here on this side. Now I'll go post some stuff on the other side.

Morgana Sacred Walker

Body, Soul and Spirit Expo Website

We finally have a little bit more of a "web presence". As of today, we now have an online ad listed with the Body, Soul and Spirit Expo website (see link to the right). With our membership there, we will be listing upcoming events in the events section. To find our ad, go to "directory", then click on "healing arts" from the list of categories, then click "reiki". You'll see Thunderbird Sky, and a link to our page in that site, with details of what we do, contact info and events listings.

Please feel free to check us out there and if you have any comments on the ad (things you like, things that would make it better, etc). We would welcome the input.

We're also doing some brainstorming currently about other low cost, but highly effective means of advertising and getting Thunderbird Sky out there so that we can build our business so that it becomes a full time endevour. If anyone has any suggestions for that as well, please let us know. I'm also tryingn to learn how to build a full fledged website. If anyone has any tips for that PLEASE call or email me. I feel like I'm drowing in my "learning curve". Also, if anyone would like to actually help us with building a site and is willing to do it on a trade basis, we're very open to that as well. We could trade sessions, readings, and / or classes for a website.

In other news, Danard and I had an interesting conversation on the weekend on this whole marketing thing. I learning something very interesting about just what exactly it is that we do here at Thunderbird Sky. I learned that a great portion of what we have to offer is something called Medical Intuition. For years, I thought that meant that you intuitive "diagnose" physical dis-ease in the body. What I've since found out, is that it's much more than that, and it's also what we do.

Medical Intuition is the ability to sense what is going on, on a mental, emotional, spiritual level that can affect the physical body. For example, if someone is very stressed, and out of touch with their emotions, it can have an effect on the physical heart. So, we've now decided to incorporate that into our advertising and marketing as something that we offer. It's an ability that few healers either have, or are willing to advertise, so this makes us rather unique. I thought this was pretty cool, when I learned this, as I thought it was something way beyone my scope as a healer. Pretty darn special, if you ask me.

This might be an interested topic of conversation to start, if anyone has any interest in chatting about what medical intution means to you. If you have any comments on this topic you would like to bring, please feel free.

Anyway. Time for this kid to hit the sack, as it's after midnight, and I'm already morphing into a pumpkin as we speak! Talk to you all later...g'night!

MorganaSacred Walker

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Under the Weather

Here we are, another day, another post. I've misssed a few days in actually making a post. I hate to give the excuse that I've been really busy, but sometimes life (or in this case, the day job) gets in the way. Today will be a short post, as I"m not feeling well today. I think my body is revolting from all the healing I've done over the past week.

After all the major healing work that was done on me on Saturday, I decided that wasn't enough, lol! Monday night, there was a monk from Tibet who was conducting a Tibetan Buddhist ritual called Medicine Buddha. I'd been wanting to get that empowerment for a while now, as it's theorized that Reiki actually originates from that teaching. Hard to describe how I felt afterwards. I can't speak for Danard (he got the empowerment too), but for me, I felt different...somehow, and was actually feeling a little "off kilter" for a few days. Definetely some stuff came up to the surface for healing. Not sure what, even almost a week later. I'm sure I'll find out eventually.

Then on Wednesday night I got a very intense massage treatment. A lot of energy work was done in this treatment. My body did a huge amount of releasing of the physical "stuff" that was held there from emotional / mental blockages...likely stuff that had been release in the other healings that just needed to get out of the physical body.

Of course now, my body is fighting off a flu bug that just doesn't want to go away. It's been in my system for about 6 weeks now - not bad enough most of the time to warrant time off from work or a trip to the doctor, but just bad enough to be really annoying. I took Monday off work because it flared up. Tuesday, I thought I was better, and then since then, it's been creeping back in again. Today I feel "almost" like garbage. Again, not bad enough to warrant a trip to the doctor, but enough that I'm really stuffy, have a cough, blah blah blah. Argh, I wish this thing would either just kick in full force so I can clear it out of my system quickly and get it over with. Or, would just go away altogether and leave me alone. This inbetween stuff is ridiculous!

If anyone out there feels up to sending some healing, please feel free to do so. That way, maybe I can stand a chance of getting back to myself again so I can at least write posts that aren't about me whining about how "ucky" I feel, lol. (this flu seems to be affecting my brain too, lol)

So, no posts today about anything insightful, or "witty". I'm just going to go spend the day in bed, I think. much for the short post, hehe!

More later...

Morgana Sacred Walker