Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Article ~ All About Crystals ~ Part1

In this article we will be discussing crystals how to choose them and how they affect us. In the next newsletter we will discuss the care, cleaning and re-energizing of the crystals, and the healing potential of them. 

Crystals can be a very beneficial part of your health and well-being and can be used in various ways in healing. There are so many benefits of crystals and in these two articles we will hopefully give you a little information to get you started on the right path with crystals. 

The very best way to choose the right crystal for you is to let your intuition guide you. If you feel really drawn to one piece then that is definitely the one for you! 

Crystals are energy and as we are also energy our energies will communicate with each other... as they sense what you need in your life they will draw you to the crystals and gems that are what you need. 

When you sense a strong desire for a particular stone and buy it and then later look in a book to see it's meanings you will be amazed at the significance to your life that this particular stone has. 

Recently a client of mine was saying that she only liked one particular stone and even though there were stones of similar colour she didn't like them but just liked the one. So we went over what the healing properties of that particular stone were and she started to cry. Every aspect of that stone was just what she needed in her life. I have seen this as a common thread in how people choose their stones. 

I often recommend that when people walk into a crystal/stone shop that before they look for stones that they just ask, "Which ever stone wishes or needs to come home with me please show me", and they will draw you to them.
Also if you are wanting to purchase something for a friend and not sure what is best this is a good way to choose the stones for them as well. "Which stone needs to go to (name your friend)?" You will invariably find the stones that are just right for them even more so than you could ever imagine. 

You can also find the stones that will help with particular problems or issues and then within the list of stones, which will help with that, which one draws you to it? But the right stones will always connect with your energies and draw you to them. 


The stones that you are drawn to today will not necessarily be the same ones that will draw you tomorrow... it is all about what is going on in your life and body that will be communicating with the stones and building that connection between you and the stone. 

We all have our own life/energy force, and we have energy points called chakras.
We have seven major chakras, each has a specific function, when we're tired, stressed, unwell or depressed our chakras can slow down or even stop working (which really isn't that uncommon in the stressful society that we are a part of). Crystals are used by healers to help realign chakras, they can assist the healing process, and can be programmed for particular jobs. 

Crystals have their own frequency/energy.
Rose Quartz is a specific nurturing energy, a mother/love stone. If when you feel down you were to hold a cleansed Rose Quartz you will begin to harmonize with the frequency of the crystal, and absorb the feelings (frequency) of love and care into your aura.
The many frequencies of the various stones/crystals will connect with you at different time. As you have a certain needs in your body, whether it is physical, emotional, mental, spiritual… your frequency need at that moment connects with the frequency of the stone that you need to have. If you listen to this intuition than you will find the healing, and benefits for yourself.

Why do some people not notice or find that the stones/crystals affect them at all? 

It seems that the more blocked a person is in their chakras the less the sense theirown frequency.The less in tune they are to the frequencies around them. Their sensitivities are lessened and they cannot “feel” what is around them or in them. So they do not notice the affects of the crystals on them. It doesn’t mean that the affects are not there but they don’t notice them.
Another reason why some people are affected while others are not is, if you have a high tolerance to the frequencies you may not notice the subtle energies as easily. But if you are highly sensitive then the slightest frequency change will affect you. 

For example if someone is around very powerful stones all the time… 

Over time they build a connection with them and although they may notice the benefits of those stones they may not “feel” their affects. But someone coming in contact with the same stone may suddenly become ill because they are extremely sensitive to that change of frequency. So until their body adjusts to that frequency they are unable to tolerate that stone for any extended length of time. 

Before you can choose the right crystal for yourself you really need to find that connection with your inner self. Balance and clear your chakras so that you are in tune to your intuition and the frequencies around you. So that you can feel the energies and frequencies of the crystals so that you will know when they speak to you and are trying to help you. 

Remember that all crystals, gems, stones are alive and have an inherent intelligence. They need to be treated with tender and loving kindness and with respect and gratitude. Together with your energies they will help you be the most you could be … what you were created to be.

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