Monday, October 20, 2008

Healing Tip - How to Protect Your Energy

Everyone can benefit from using some level of energetic protection, but if you tend to be around a lot of people on a daily basis, particularly with the vulnerable, or as an intuitive or healer, then you should build energetic protection into your daily routine.

You can pick up energetic “stuff” from places and people just by being there, and of course when you move negative energies in a healing you don’t want to take them away with you in your energy field, and especially if you tend to be highly sensitive to energy.

As most of you are aware now, your thoughts are very powerful, and in these times of a tremendous amount of change a consequently, negativity and fear floating around, it is important to protect oneself so you can remain positive through these changes.

When you are able to remain positive and not buy into the doomsday prophecies and fear based philosophies, you have the ability to change the world around you for the better. Remember that your thoughts, words and actions, do invariably affect everyone around you. Negativity is contagious, but so is staying positive.

Protection Technique - The Love Shield

One of the most powerful ways to protect oneself is also one of the most simple techniques. Simply surround yourself with the vibration of pure and unconditional love from the creator.

You can also give that energy a colour – any colour that represents love to you. Let that energy pour in from the Divine, through your crown chakra, into all of your chakras through all of your tissues, bones, organs, cells, molecules, atoms and to quantum level. Allow that energy to also permeate out into all the layers of your aura.

You can also “ask” to have that energy fill you up throughout all time, space, dimension, reality, universe, event, etc. so that it fills all aspects of your being at all levels. Another thing you can specify is for any energy that does not serve your highest good, will either “burn up” or be returned to the light – either way - that energy will be transformed into light so that it can be used for healing. Any energy that will benefit your well being, will be allowed through this shield in it’s fullest form possible and can even be amplified if you choose.

Because your intent is very powerful, whatever you intend, will be. You can add any visual to this basic exercise to make your shield more clear and concentrated as you would like it to be. Also, the more often you practice this visualization, the stronger it will get over time. Not to mention the fact that if you practice this daily, you will not accumulate any unsupportive thoughts or energies.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Healing Tips - How to Clear Your Energy

When we go about our day-to-day business, we can often pick up on energy that may or may not be healthy for us, whether we are aware of it or not. This can cause is to become scattered and ungrounded. Also, if we are taking on someone else's negativity, it can affect our own moods in a very negative way. We need to learn to recognize with this is happening, so that we can prevent it before it begins.

The planet is changing drastically as we move faster and faster towards 2012 and what is known as the Shift of the Ages. Consequently, there is far more intensity of all the emotions than ever before. Those who wish not to grow and evolve, are going into either fear or control / manipulation mode in order to keep the rest of us from becoming the glorious beings of light that has been prophesized for thousands of years.

We are going through a time of great change and upheaval, but we can choose for it to be a process of adventure, growth, excitement, renewal and joy. Or...we can choose the other option. Whichever method of growth and evolvement that we choose, there will still be those who choose the fear-based method. We are even more susceptible to those negative thoughts and emotions than ever before.

If we decide not to take on the "stuff" of others, we can navigate through the labrynth with grace, ease and beauty. If we happen to pick up and take on other people's fear and negativity, there is a way to clear it out of your system, so that you remain balanced and aligned with Creator.

The following is a wonderful visualization that you can use daily to help clear out anything energy that does not serve your highest good.

Clearing Visualization - Light Showercoupon

This exercise can be done, either by visualizing, or while taking a shower, and is wonderful way to rejuvenate yourself as well as clear any unwanted energy.

1) While in the shower, or imagining you are in the shower, feel the water pour down over your skin. Become acutely aware of how the water feels on your skin, the temperature, taste, etc, and how it makes you feel physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

2) Imagine that the water is not just water, but that it is also droplets of pure, radiant light. Visualize all of the colors of the rainbow, sparkling, opalescent and glowing.

3) Imagine that this light water not only pours over top of your physical body, but it also permeates every cell of your body and energy field.

4) As the light and water falls off your body, and drains from you at the cellular levels, it takes with it, all impurities physical toxins from all of your organs and cells, all thoughts and feelings not do not serve you, and any energy that is not yours and that is not in your highest good.

5) Imagine that the water at your feet or in your tub, which is now flowing down the drain, is taking everything with it that was cleansed from your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, right down to the cellular level.

6) Visualize that once the water and light has fully done down the drain, that the impurities and toxins are now healed, and transmuted into light, to be recycled back into the universe.

7) Note how you feel before, during and after this exercise and journal your experiences.