Sunday, December 13, 2009

Message from Metatron & Michael

Being of Service by Remembering Your Mastery
by Candice Creelman
photo: Archangel Michael
Greetings dear ones - this is Michael and Metatron at your service. We bring you news of great things coming in your near future. It has been said in the past that when one travels a difficult journey such as one that you have all chosen to Channeled walk upon, that great rewards lie at the end of that journey. We would like to revise this slightly to say that it is not at the end of the journey when you will reap the rewards of the great path you have chosen at this time, it is all along the path where you will find the greatest gifts, even if it may seem as though your path is dark, uphill and fraught with possible dangers that lurk around every corner, whether they are real or imagined.

We would like to remind you of the reason you have chosen this path at this particular time in your Earth's history. It is simply experience the reawakening of your own individual souls to the Divine that is not only within you, but is your birthright.

Many of you are feeling as though you have lost your purpose for being, especially those of you who have felt you have a great mission here on Earth for a very long time. It is not that you have lost your purpose, although it may feel as though you have lost your way. What is taking place at this time is a kind of refocusing of your energies.

Many of you have sought to be of service primarily to others who are on this same journey. But in order to navigate your way through the seeming "muck and mire" of your life experiences, you must remember that in order to truly be of service to others, one must focus this act of service upon themselves first. For without service your own needs before the needs of others, you run the risk of burning out before you have reached your goal.

photo: Arch Angel Metatron

This is not to say that putting your needs before others need be in a manner which does a dis-service to others. What we wish to impress upon you is that without your own needs being met, the needs of others too, will go unfulfilled. Your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies must be filled with the light of the Creator, before the overflow can ever spill out to others around you. If your light is dimmed because you have not refilled your cup, so to speak, you will have nothing left to share with others.

This, my dear ones, is the true meaning of service, and it is your true calling - your only TRUE purpose here. All things that you may choose to "do" or "be" while accomplishing this one task are simply that - a means to the ultimate goal which is to become, or rather, remember that which you have always been. It is through this remembering, that all of your hopes, dreams, desires, wants and needs will not only be met and achieved, but exceeded beyond your wildest imaginings.

We would like to give all of you some homework to play with for the next while. It is a very simple assignment - which is simply to wake up each and every morning, and remembering that you are one with the Creator. And then visualize bringing the light that is the Creator down through your crown and then filling you up completely. If you can do this once in the morning when you wake up, and then once before you go to sleep, this will go a long way in achieving your Divine "mission" here on Earth, it is truly the only thing that is required of you. If you are feeling down, or un-well, this is also a wonderful opportunity to do this homework, and then just mentally note how you feel afterward.

Once your have filled your tank, so to speak, you will then be able to spread and be that light for all others to see. There are no books to read, no seminars to attend, no gurus to worship. Only this is required for you to remember your Mastery and then assist others to do the same.
We would like to end by saying that you are loved and supported in all that you do. Anytime you are in need of anything, simple speak our names (or any other you wish to work with) and we are with you before you say the last syllable. We bow to your great courage in your choice to forge new territories of consciousness.

Namaste - the Light fill you completely!
Michael & Metatron
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Candice Creelman has been on her spiritual path since 1991 and a Reiki Master since 1998. She is Co-Owner / Operator of Thunderbird Sky which she runs with her partner and Reiki Master, Danard Willisko. Candice has also been teaching Reiki and energy work since 2004. In 1999, she was published in Lee Carroll's book, Indigo Children, and has recently authored her own book, "Energy and Healing 101: Transform Your Life," which can be purchased at

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