Friday, November 20, 2009

Conscious Planet - Take a Quantum Leap with your health

“The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats which degenerates.Renew this fluid at intervals, give the cells what they require for nutrition and as far as we know it, the pulsation of life may go on forever." - Dr Alexis Carrel, 1873-1944, Nobel Prize in Medicine  

Here's some info about a great company who sells some amazing products. These products are not only high quality and will help you to make a quantum shift in your health, but they are of a very high vibration and consciousness. 

What Makes Conscious Planet Products and the Quest Optimal Health Program Superior? Our food philosophy and intent.
  • don’t mess with the perfection of mother nature.
  • trust the bodies innate intelligence to take care of itself.
  • more is not necessarily better.
  • remove the vibrational cause of the problem instead of treating the physical symptoms.
  • food is only as good as the nutrients found in the soil in which it is grown.
  • sustainability is leaving a zero footprint and the world better than you found it.


    We use the highest quality organic whole super foods possible that are concentrated in essential nutrients the body does not make and must get from food consumed in its whole natural form. Wild crafted and authentic picked foods have at least 2x the bio-photon or “Life Force” energy of Organic Foods. Organic food has 5x the energy of conventional or chemically treated foods. Cooked foods have 0% bio-photon energy.  

    Proprietary Processing 

    We choose superior drying and processing methods that cause as little harm to our organic herbs, vegetables, fruits and seeds as possible thereby conveniently concentrating nutrient levels to overcome soil depletion. Then we use techniques to energetically enhance the food thereby optimizing bio-availability and utilization of the nutrients so that the body is getting what it requires in the right amounts. 

     Four Pillars Determining Factors 

    Most companies have been plagued with the challenge of only using Nutritional Analysis to determine the quality of their products. However we know a nutrition facts panel is not enough information to make a healthy choice for you and your loved ones.  A great example would be the raw almond vs cooked almond analogy. Nutritional analysis shows they are identical, however if you sprout a raw almond and plant it, it grows and creates life, and when eaten is easily digested and readily utilized by the body. A cooked almond on the other hand cannot sprout, rots when you plant it, more than 50% of the protein, 70% of the vitamins and 100% of the phyto-nutrients are destroyed, and when eaten, causes indigestion and is treated like a toxin by the body. The body has the final say in what it uses.

    How many farmers plant cooked seeds? Are you planting cooked seeds of wellness in your life?

    Conscious Planet uses these Four Pillars, or determining factors, to identify the finest foods and products for human health and well being:
  1. We use Nutritional Analysis to identify foods with the most nutrient rich content in order to offset soil depletion.
  2. Next we identify foods with highest vital life force energy and ability to regenerate our bodies at the cellular level.
  3. Then we use Vega or EAV electro-dermal screening type devices for body response testing and choose those foods that the body reacts to in perfect balance, no stress.
  4. Finally, based on the work of Dr. David Hawkins applied advanced kinesiology, we muscle test for and choose foods that have the highest frequency or highest levels of       consciousness and appropriateness for human health and wellbeing.

The Quest Optimal Health Program 

The Quest Optimal Health Program is a satisfaction guaranteed opportunity for anyone to understand the cause and removal of disease, take responsibility for your health and experience feeling better than they have ever felt before. This vantage point will give you a clearer perspective for long term results and the ability to support others to do the same. 

The Quest Optimal Health Program Pro Terrain Diet is a simple eating program that includes the Conscious Planet Products and a guideline of every day foods combined for optimal performance in today's reality. This program is based on the enlightened eating habits from communities such as the Essenes that Jesus was born into, to the anti microbial diet taught by the world's leading healing centers where participants achieve the greatest results. The key focus is to create a balanced pH in the body. PH means potential or percentage of hydrogen. The scale goes from 0-14, where below 7 is acid and above 7 is alkaline. This chart shows where the ideal blood pH is for humans and what happens when we eat a diet with too many acidic foods and experience too much stress in our lives. 

PH Chart

Results experienced differ for every participant based on where they begin their journey back to health. It is our belief that the Conscious Planet Products and Quest Optimal Health Program will provide the tools and ideal environment required by the body and uncover the Original Blue Print within us that is our birthright for a life of optimal health, and if you persist, you will achieve health at any level you wish to experience. 

If you wish to purchase any of these products or sign up as a distributor (only $20 / yer and you can buy at wholesale prices), visit:
There are 3 levels of participation in Conscious Planet; choose the one that best suits you. Join Now!
  1. Customer – Free! - receives information and may purchase products at retail.
  2. Wholesale Membership - $20 / year - receives information, replicating website with a business “Back Office”, may purchase products at wholesale and may create an income by referring others.
  3. Online Marketing Partner - $299 one time fee - receives lifetime membership, do it yourself customized website, exclusive information and online marketing training, may purchase products at wholesale and may create an income by referring others.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tell Them the Ugly Truth! (how to write a compelling bio)

Here's a fabulous article written by a fabulous lady to whom I subscribe to her newsletter. This one is for anyone out there who is trying to build a business that's based on helping people. It's about writing your bio and how it should tell your story about how you came to be an expert in your field. Not the credentials, but what you went through to get to where you are. The stuff that IS you. I do know this compels people so much more because about 4 years ago, when I was going through another bout of serious depression and anxiety, I blogged all of my "crap" about what I was going through. 

I remember one day reading some of my posts and wondering to myself, who would want to read this s**t, it's aweful! Within a very short amount of time, someone commented on my posts that I was an inspiration to them. My response was utter shock and disbelief..."why...HOW could this crap inspire anyone", I asked. Her response went something like this: Because you are able to speak (in public no less) what the rest of us are feeling, but cannot or will not, express. Because you can do this openly, the rest of us learn that we are not alone, and this is what is inspiring. Wow...that was humbling to say the least. My partner, many times, has said the same thing...that my gift is to say it like it is. So, with that in mind, here's the article...  

By: Suzanne Evans, Helping Professional Expert

I teach my clients the power of telling their own story as they start their own businesses, with this phrase: Your Truth Will Set Them Free. This is one of the biggest neon light mistakes that I see helping professionals make.
They believe that this has nothing to do with them. "I need to focus on the clients and what the clients need. I need to make sure that I'm looking at their problems and their struggles and I'm working towards it." They don't tell their stories.

There's nothing that I hate more than going to someone's website or reading their marketing materials and reading a bio. Everybody goes, "But I'm supposed to have a bio on my website. I'm supposed to have an 'About Me' on my website."

Bios are credentials and, for the most part, pretty boring. What is fascinating, what enables you to connect with someone and enables you to really care about someone and discover empathy, is when you tell your story. This is so vitally important when you are building relationships with potential clients.
Don't tell the Cinderella version, tell the ugly step-sister, the warped version. It is your mistakes that really are going to leverage your clients to their own success. 

For example, I'll share that I did some things in the beginning of my business that, had I known what I know now, I certainly would have done them differently. 

I worked way too hard in the beginning. Way too hard! I put in a lot of hours that were not necessary. I will admit to that. I also took on every client that came my way. If I could nab them, I took them. That was something that didn't serve me well in the long run.
I also followed the marketing "gurus". I believed that if I just do everything exactly their way, this would work for me. The result was that I was exhausted, a little bit confused, and really frustrated. What happened was I didn't have a core message.
I thought, "I've got to have a name. It's got to be cute. It's got to appeal to people. It's got to be as big as Pepsi and Coca-Cola."

That only made me exhausted. It came to the point where I really stopped trying to create this business that seemed like a 24-story building in some imaginary business land. I just said, "This is who I am. The best thing that I have to offer is me." Your truth will set them free. Your journey, your mistakes, how you overcame obstacles and your conclusions, this is the insight your clients are looking for.
You know that your bio is about everything that you've accomplished. Maybe you have 67 credentials and maybe you talk about where you went to school. Maybe it's talking about your kids or your family - and those things are important as well. People like to hear about them. 
But what's most important is: Why you? What's your story? If you're going to work with parents having difficulties with their kids and you're going to be a parenting coach, what's your story in that? Why are you coming to this area? What do you have to bring to other parents?

Was it that you struggled as being a parent and now you really made a turn and now you can share this with other people? Was it that you had an extraordinary parenting situation that maybe wasn't so pleasant but taught you a lot that you can now share with others?
If you're a health coach, what's your story around health? You wouldn't be drawn to something that you don't have a story about or that you don't have a stake in or something in your life didn't bring you to it.

If you answer, "Oh, I don't know what my story is," I ask you to really dig deep. It's there. It may be covered up or it may be something that you're afraid to share, but it's definitely there. Share your story. It is what opens people up to wanting to work with you.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

11/11/11 Gateway Celebration last night...Wowee!!!

Yesterday (stardate - 11/11/11) the planet crossed a significant energetic threshold. At the last minute, Danard and I decided to host a small gathering of souls to help usher in this powerful gateway.

There were seven of us who gathered in a sacred circle to assist the new energies of the 11/11/11 (Nov. 11, 2009) in being downloaded into the Earth's Planetary Grid. As I welcomed everyone into the circle, we could feel the energy beginning to build already.

I knew right away that something amazing was about to happen. I read a few notes that I had found on the internet as to what this gateway was about - moving beyond our fears and into love and joy, which is the only energy that will be allowed to move forward as we make our final approach into 2012. In the proceeding intro and conversation, two particular meditations were chosen to assist with the transitioning through this gateway.

One was to assist all those who have left the physical, particularly loved ones, to cross over so they could lift themselves up and above the dense energy of the Earth, as well as take some of the fear with them to be healed and transformed. The other was to listen to a meditation I found on You Tube while putting our attention on holding open this 11/11/11 Gateway, so that all those still here who are choosing to walk through, can do so, including ourselves.

We also chose to hold our attention from this day forward to holding the vibration of love and joy and holding space for this Gateway so that others can pass through.

In the background, a CD called "Transformation", was playing by a good friend of ours, Sharon Carne ( who is a renowned and gifted sound healer, to set the mood.   
Image by Daniel B. Holeman

We then proceeded to join the circle by doing a sacred smudging ceremony. As we passed the smudge bowl onto the next person in the circle, we would look into each other's eyes to join our energies as one. As the smudge was going around, I gathered up the Tibetan singing bowls, as they wanted to "play" with us. Once the smudge was finished, we began the first phase of our meditation, by playing the bowls, drums, tingsha, and other sound healing tools while visualizing and holding space for all those who have passed on, to fully cross over. Once complete, we still felt that there was one who was hanging on.

We soon discovered that he (a loved one of one of our guests) had a very unique mission. To stay "in between" and be a way shower to those who are lost and wish to cross over. He would then pass those souls off to the brother of another one of our guests, who would then welcome the souls over to the other side. Once this was done, the energy of the room, and these two amazing souls, lifted and we all felt a tremendoud joy that filled the room.

The soul who chose to stay in-between was now full of joy, excitement and laughter at the prospect of his new and very important mission. He began by doing some healing work with his family member who was at the gathering. He also let us know that if any of us wished to have healing, he would joyfully assist. We all felt that we had been witness to a wonderful and amazing gift and felt our own beings beginning to transform as he did his work with such bliss that it made some of us cry.

We then felt it was time to move to the 2nd phase. We listened to the meditation in silence and simply held space for this Gateway. We all felt the presence of the Earth and Sun, which we were connected to in the meditation, and had some very interesting experience which we shared. To close the circle, I sang my favorite traditional song called, Windeya (Cherokee Morning Song) which was wonderfully appropriate.

During the song, which everyone joined in on and sang to the heavens, I had an image of the sun rising and felt a powerful presence that a new day was beginning on many different levels, personal and planetary. We all felt that we had assisted in a very powerful way and our Angels thanked us immensely for doing our part.

I thank all of you who attended physically and in energy! All those who were not there, can intend to be there (even though it is now in the past) by placing your thoughts and energy into the circle. You will receive the full benefits as if you had been there physicall with us. We know you were all there as the room was "full" of souls. Thank you all for making the 11/11/11 so powerful!

Love, Light and Blessings,
Candice and Danard

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Social Media Marketing Craze

I am now endevoring to learn a whole new to use social media to market Thunderbird Sky. I've now broke down and signed up with Twitter, which is now linked up to my facebook account and group. My TBS blog page (and soond to be this one) is hooked up with facebook at twitter. figure out how this all will help us build our business into an empire.

If anyone has any ideas, thoughts, comments, or suggestions, I heartily welcome you to post your heart out! I need all the help I can get...phew!!!

Love, light and (overwhelmed) giggles,