Thursday, June 24, 2010

Angelic Awakenings Practitioner Course in Calgary

Join Advanced Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Bonnie Bogner for a 5 - day workshop that covers working with and delving deeply into the world of Angels, Archangels, Guides, Fairies and Elementals and what to call on them for.

Learn how to work with Angel Oracle cards, (you get your own deck to take home with you). Work with the Archangels and Elementals to learn clearing and balancing techniques you can use for you and your family. This is a very hands on, interactive experience, learning techniques, then immediately practicing them, with my assistance.

You will learn the basics of working with chanting, color, crystals, chakras, pendlums and the Angels. Past Lives & the Angels as a tool for change - theory & regression. Guided journey to experience your Power Animal. The power of intent and how and why it is so important to raise your vibration. Also includes a discussion of the shifting energies of our time (2012).

You will receive certification as an Angelic Awakening Practitioner. Week will also include an evaluation day which will include card reading, energy clearing, past life work, guided meditation, and dowsing. Active practitioners can be listed on my online referral list.

Dates: July 1-5, 2010 
Time: 9:30am - 5:30pm
Location: Calgary, AB - Please call for details
Tuition: $888

For more info, please contact Bonnie at (306) 530-0289.

The course material covered in this course is exactly what you would learn if you took the same course with Doreen Virtue and her acclaimed, "Angel Therapy Practitioner"    ®   course. 
In addition to the Doreen Virtue training, Bonnie has added a lot of great topics that Doreen doesn't teach. So what you are getting is the Angel Therapy® training, plus a whole lot more, at a fraction of the cost. 
Bonnie asked me to mention that she will be dramatically increasing the tuition for the course before the fall, so if you want to get it at this price, do it now or you'll end up likely paying double later on. 

Only 1 or 2 spots left, so if you are planning on signing up, do it in the next day or so, or you will miss out on an amazing course!