Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Angel of the Month for September ~ Persistence ~

The deck that I've used this month was the Ascended Masters Oracle deck, by Doreen Virtue.

This month's Angel card is a nice progression from last month, as it spoke of Reward for all of the hard work, and that things are moving forward according to the Divine Plan.

Persistence speaks of sticking to your guns and through persistent action and thought, your dreams are beginning to manifest into form. The Angel's tell me that even though you may not be able to see the physical manifestion just yet, that keep to what your guidance has been telling you, and you will begin to see things come into being, if you haven't already.
They tell me that many of us are about to hit THE major breakthrough that we have been waiting for, personally and on a larger scale. 

They also remind me that this is also the time that some of the biggest challenges may come up for you, as your comfort zone begins to be challenged.These challenges are not in front of you to deter you from your goals and dreams. Much the opposite. They are there to further teach you what you still have remaining to heal and cleanse, so that you may move into your ultimate life purpose that will fill you with joy and a deep sense of fulfillment.

Now is the time to increase the intensity of that which you have been focused on manifesting. You will not break though these self imposed barriers without effort, focus, desire and passion. The Angels ask you to trust where you are, and where they are leading you, as it is only down the path of the Divine, where you will connect with the full potentiality of who you are at the core of your being. Only then, will your dreams become visible in the physical world.

Once you have "punched through" your beliefs of limitation, lack and fear, the veil will lift and you will have a clear view from which to survey the landscape of what you have created. You will then be able to see that everything that you have wanted, is now at your feet, waiting for you to join the celebration. They tell me that it will be as though you have come home to find the greatest reunion ever held, and you are the guest of honour.
Everything will begin to make sense to you - all of the difficult paths you have chosen for yourself, all of the experiences and people you have met along the way, have shaped you into the amazing being that you are now. These experiences have paved the way for you to be able to manifest your biggest and brightest dreams. 

Enjoy this process, for you only get to experience it once. After that, it is simply a memory. Savor these moments, even the ones that don't feel as comfortable and joyous, for they provide the juice that flavours your life. Just keep doing what you're doing, and taking those baby steps, and soon enough, you will have arrived, and the party can begin!

Love, Light and Laughter,
The Angels