Thursday, February 24, 2011

Group Bio Energetic Release & Talking Circle Evening

Bio-Energetic Release Group Session 

You will be guided through a non-invasive, self directed and empowering healing process that will release the muscle known as the Psoas. You will also learn about how the health of this important muscle affects all areas of your life.

The Psoas muscle is a major muscle which stabilizes the base of the spine, allowing it to flex, and rotating the hips for a free range of movement. When kept limber, the psoas functions smoothly with the other muscles of the body to support an upright posture and a flexible lower spine and hips.
The psoas is also known as a “sacred” muscle in the body which stores physical / mental / emotional / sexual energy, memory, trauma and stress. By releasing the Iliopsoas muscle, stress, emotions and other types of trauma will be released through the use of a non-invasive and self-guided technique. You will leave this workshop with the ability to use this technique any time you choose.

Talking Circle 

A talking circle is a traditional Native healing tool using a talking stick. We begin by "smudging in", where we pass around a mixture of sage, sweetgrass, cedar and lavender which cleanses any unwanted energies. We then pass around a Talking Stick; giving everyone in the circle the opportunity to speak whatever is in their heart or mind. Whoever is holding the talking stick has the floor and all others in the circle listen from their heart space and does not interrupt the speaker. Each circle we will have a moderator to ensure that the circle keeps moving and will select a topic for each round. 

Date: Friday, March 4, 2011
Time: 7pm - 11pm
Address: Please RSVP for info
Fee: $40 (includes herbal tea and light snacks)