Saturday, March 05, 2011

Transformational Oasis Evening

Date: Friday, May 6, 2011
Time: 7pm-11pm(ish)
Location: Private Residence - Okotoks, AB (rsvp for info)
Admission: $22

Join us for an intimate & safe gathering for those who are willing and want to spend time remembering their soul's purpose & creating change in their lives. This will be a profoundly life changing event, that will be held on the first Friday every month. The first event being on May 6, 2011.

You will have an experience that will be free-flowing, revitalizing, tranquil, expansive, playful, connecting and so much more.

Take yourself... out of the ordinary and into the Extraordinary. You will have a chance to experience deep guided experience to connect to your inner self & soul, lightbody activations, techniques to release stress and tension in the body, drumming & sound healing, and energy & body work. There will also be space created for you to meditate & journal privately, a space to socialize and network with others and have some refreshments.

Every gathering will embody a different theme, so no two of these events will be the same. Future events may also include movement & dance, mini facials / manicures, various body & energy work practitioners, foot baths, creative exploration, and more.

Our first event will be centered around Transformation. The evening will begin with a warm and enveloping welcome into the space by your Oasis tour guide. Once everyone has arrived, we will then gather in the main room to co-create an opening ceremony to create a sacred space for the evening.

From there, you will be invited to participate in whatever activity that you feel drawn to experience:

1) Meditate or journal in silence in a sacred, calming space in the meditation room.

2) Receive a Lightbody activation that will help to raise your vibration and connect to your Soul Self.

3) Go on a guided journey to connect with your highest self, Angel, spirit guide or power animal. You will learn how to tap into your inner wisdom to receive direct personal, inner guidance.

5) Connect with your nervous system in a gentle and allowing way to release tension, stress and pain from the physical body. This technique will help you to achieve deep relaxation, ease of movement & a greater range of motion. Fantastic!

6) Spend time connecting with other of like mind and spirit in the social room.

7) Because our physical bodies also require nurturing, we will also have healthy snacks, tea and other refreshments set up in the kitchen.

Whether you are meditating or journaling in silence in the meditation room, or socializing or going on a guided journey, you will have an experience that will take you to deeper levels of your being and leave you feeling refreshed, replenished and connected.

To Register:

Call Candice - 403-828-7395
or Edsia 403-618-9699
or visit