Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Candice is hoping to raise some funding to take a film course

Candice has aspired to not only work in the film industry, but to write and produce her own films. 

At the ripe young age of 16, she wrote her first screenplay and a stage play at at 18.

Since then, she has been to college and received diplomas in Theatre Production and Design, Music Peformance / Composition, Recording Arts Management and has taken over 10 years of classical voice training. 

Candice also spent five years working in the film industry in Toronto in many different capacities both in front and behind the camera, so she could hone her skills and learn what the film biz is all about. From her first day on set, she was bit by "the bug".

When the film industry fell apart in 2002 and there was little or no work to be had, she felt as though she lost a part of herself, and has been wanting to get back into it, only this time, with her own films.

She has also been on a spiritual journey since she was 19 years old and has since become a Reiki Master / Teacher, Angelic Awakenings Practitioner, and now teaches others how to connect to their Angelic team, do healing work and most importantly, helps others to get on track with their own life purpose.

Candice's plan is not just to make any old film, but to make spiritually based films that not only will serve to assist in the awakening of the consciousness of everyone she can, but films that will entertain and appeal to a larger market than that of the traditional spiritual cinema crowd.

For the past 6 weeks, Candice has been forwarding her training and is taking an intensive screenwriting course that so far, has is not only making her a better writer, but has proven to be life changing for her personally. 

Candice's plan is to continue her training into the areas of directing, producing and all things film making, so that she can take the films she has written, and turn them into powerful films that will eventually make it to the big screen.

After spending the past few weeks researching, she finally found a course that's local, which will be significantly cheaper than the original plan of going to  LA to take some courses.

Click on the link below to contribute as little, or as much as you are able and wish to. She's not even asking for help with the entire course fee...just a portion of it. No amount is too small.  Every little bit counts!