Sunday, February 26, 2006

Busy Weeked!

Well. Danard and I just finished doing yet another psychic show this weekend, here in Calgary. Now tomorrow, I have to go back to work at my other job. He's off to a class tonight taught by a Shamanic healer who's up here from Arizona. I wanted to go, but I was too exhausted, so I stayed at home. I'll be able to get the highlights from him and a few other of our friends who went.

The show was pretty successful this weekend, for a change. The last bunch of shows that we've done have been pretty depressing, not only in terms of the traffic our booth had, but the show in general. The last one was aweful - TBS only had like 2 clients - as we watched everyone else get bookings. I was really discourage after that show (besides the several before that that we slow too), so I admit, I wasn't too optimistic going into this one.

This weekend it was either steady, or downright busy! We tried an experiment yesterday, that in t theory, should have worked, but really didn't. Danard thought that maybe if we gave a free 3 minute "aura scan", where we can pick up on one or two issues that are ready for healing. That part was great, lots of takers. The problem was, none of them decided to stay, or come back later for a paid session. Today, we ditched that plan and put up a simple, consise sign as to what we do. Lo and behold, we had a lot more customers. We didn't rake in the "big bucks" so to speak, but I think quite a few people will call and either book full sessions, or take a Reiki class.

Dispite the seeming failure of our experiment yesterday, I do feel that a lot of them will end up booking sessions and / or take a class too. I learned a lot too. Mostly that I can do that psychic thing really quickly like that if I set my mind to it. Up to that point, it would take sometimes 10 minutes to get clear info. Yesterday, I was able to do it literally instantly, once I got going.

So, in that way, our experiement was very successful, because I got lots better, or rather got my confidence back. Which, even thought we didn't get paid, that learning was worth it's weight in gold.

I also go a really amazing healing by this lady do I descibe what she does. Not sure, but needless to say, I still feel like I'm adjusting to what was healed, rebalanced, and recalibrated yesterday. She uses this...machine, that "reads" your energy at a Quantum level and imprints it into a vial of what I think is just water. From there, this machine will read your physical body with each system, organ and function and finds out where you're at. For example, your general vitality should be no lower than 100...mine was something like 23. She then does what she does to recalibrate your energy as high is she can get it to go. Mine got up to something like 136 by the time she was done everything.

The second part of what she does, is that she has this table that looks like a regular massage table, except it's quite different. It radiates sound vibrations through your body. Along with that, you listen to these special audio cd's with music and tones. Both funtion to recalibrate mental, emotional, spiritual and physical "stuff"...everything from things going on right now, to past life stuff. By the time I got off the table, I felt like everything in my being had been shifted in a major way. Danard and I bought the full set of 6 cd's to take home. A very good investment, I might add. I listened to one last night. Had weird, sometimes frightening dreams, woke up completely out of sorts. But I think that I was still releasing stuff. I'm feeling more myself now, but yet not. In a good way! Something has definetly shifted for the better. Can't wait to see how that all manifests, but I have a good feeling anyway.

I'm enjoying a little bit of time to myself right now, to listen to my tunes, in front of my computer, typing out my feelings to you all. This gives me a really great incentive to journal more, which I tend to...abandon after a month or 2.

Okay. That's my post for the day. I've rambled on long enough already and need to go crash on the couch for a while. Dern it, I wish we had cable right now! I need to watch TV right now, lol!

Hope all is well in cyberland!

Morgana Sacred Walker


iwrite said...

There's nothing like a little well-deserved time to yourself after a busy and productive day, is there?
Glad the weekend went well, sorry againt that I couldn't make it down!