Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Reiki Session and Reading Info and Prices

Thunderbird Sky is made up of Reiki Master / Teacher, Candice Creelman, and Reiki Master, Danard Willisko. Combined, we have over15 years of experience as healers, which lends itself greatly to the depth of insight and clarity that we have to offer a client or student. We come from the perspective that ultimately, it is you who has the power to heal yourself, and we can show you the tools and skills needed to make that possible. We believe 150% in showing you how to empower yourself to live your life to it’s fullest potential. We will assist you with healing the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual thought forms that have kept you in a limiting belief pattern, enabling you to expand your awareness to rediscovering your infinite self.

We have a deep understanding on how energy works, how to apply it to your life with very real and simple techniques using the Usui system of Universal Life Energy (Reiki). In addition to Reiki, we work with and teach many other techniques. Using intuition or “6th sense”, we have the ability to sense personal growth opportunities, gifts you have to offer the world, potential life path(s), and what it is you require for your healing. One could compare it to a psychic reading included with a healing session.

We come from a gentle, compassionate perspective, and always have your highest good in our hearts as we bring through this gentle and powerful form of energy healing.

Services We Provide:

Reiki classes and sessions, tarot / life path, communicating with your angels and spirit guides, oracle, intuitive councelling, distant Reiki, Spirit Paintings and photograph readings.


Reiki Sessions: $75 per hour

Medical Intuitive / Tarot or other readings: $120 per hour

Level One Reiki Course: $150

Level Two Reiki Course: $250

Master Level Course: $400