Friday, February 01, 2008

Starting Over (sort of...)

Well, after an extended perious away from our Blogger blog, we're back. I moved over to another site for a couple of years, as we were having trouble with Blogger, constantly being down. But now...much to my extreme dissapointment, our blogcharm account is no longer. The whole site is down in fact.

No warning, no notice...

I just happened to click on our bloglink from the Thunderbird Sky website to update that blog, and there was this unhappy notice that Blogcharm was being shut down. The real pisser was that the date they listed as being the shut down date hadn't come yet. So, I should have been able to go into my account, and save all of my journal entries, so I could transfer them back over to here.

But no...that would have entailed far too much integrity and consideration for the loyal Blogcharm users.

Needless to say, I was extremely unhappy with this turn of events. There wasn't even any contact info where we could find out if we could retrieve our data so we could have it on file. The worst part of the whole scenario, was that they didn't even have any consideration to send out a general notice before the site went down, so that we could save our files. Just, "POOF", they're gone. ARGH!!!!!

So, to you the faithful blogger out in blogland. Should Blogcharm ever return onto the scene...I heed you this warning...DO NOT USE THEM!!!! That, and regularly back up your blog posts if you don't want to lose them.

Just another Buddhist lesson on impermanence, I guess. Sigh...

Oh well...what can a blogger do. This still doesn't tarnish my belief in "everything happens for a reason". So, I'll just leave it at that, and move on. No point in being angry about something ya can't change. (which I was for a while...but now that I've vented, I feel much better now, lol...!)

Onward and Upward, as they say...

More to come...

Love, Light and Giggles,