Friday, March 28, 2008

A New Way of Thinking?!?

You know...I've really got to get more on top of blogging more here and give all of you guys a reason to visit lots and lots!

I'd like to chat a bit today about some of the things that have been going on in Tibet recently in the days and months leading up the the Olympics in Bejing. I'm sure you've all heard about the power struggle that is really coming to a head as a result of 50 years of Chinese occupation in Tibet. There has been a lot of violence, much of it being reported inaccurately, if at all. His Holiness, the Dalai Lama has been pleading with his people who are still in Tibet, to continue to practice non-violence to deal with this difficult situation. His pleads seem to be, unfortunately, falling on more or less, deaf ears. The Tibetan communities in Tibet are fed up with the treatment they they have been subject to since the beginning of the cultural revolotion in the late 50's.

This situation in Tibet and China has the whole world in an uproar. What I find most interesting about this is the fact that it has taken an event like this for the world to finally take a real notice of what has been going on for nearly 5o years. I only hope that the leaders of the world start to realize that something needs to be done about the situation, in some kind of reasonable and diplomatic manner.

It can often lead the rest of us though, to feel a little helpless to be able to help in any way, from the other side of the planet. But in my opinion, I think we can all make a difference. Not only for this situation, but for the many other countries, cultures and races who have, or are currently experiencing a similar fate. The best and most important wayany of us can contribute in a positive manner is to not contribute with feelings of anger, resentment or hostility. Not only towards the Chinese, but just in general.

Anytime that we engage in any kind of negative thinking (or for that matter, simple complaining), even if it is about the really small stuff going on in our own individual lives, we feed into the greater consciousness of that same kind of thinking. By doing this, we not only add to this mass consciousness which seems to have kind of taken over, but we exponentially make it worse.

Our thoughts are so incredibly powerful, that even having one single negative thought, that goes out into the ether and spreads like wildfire. Complaining does the same thing. It puts you into negative frame of mind, which in turn, affects your mood, which affects your day and how you deal with situations and people, which can put others into that same mood. Have you ever noticed that when you wake up in a good mood, but something happens like you stub your toe, that you end up spiraling downhill really fast?

So instead, how about spreading a smile and a good sense of humour instead, because without humour, well...I don't even care to think about that, so I won't put anymore energy there, hehe.

One really interesting fact, and some really great news in all of this, is that for every single positive, loving, joyous thought or feeling, it cancels out 10,000 negative ones.

So...with that in mind, it wouldn't take very many of us, to send loving thoughts to the oppressors AND victims (we've ALL been on both sides of that coin...) of the world, for it to completely counteract all of the negativity they put into the world.

How powerful is that? Even just having gratitude for the wonderful things that you DO have in your life. We've all heard about the Law of Attraction by now. Whatever it is you are focusing on, even if its about what you don't want, that's what you get more of. Thoughs become things...and the closer we get to 2012, the faster our thoughts are manifesting.

So...I'm putting it out there as a challenge to all of you who may be reading this (myself included), is to stop the negative talk, thoughts, complaining, etc. There's a website out there ( who's message is to challenge yourself to stop complaining for 21 days, which I recommend trying.

But...because most of us have such a bad habit of this, I suggest trying it for a day first...and if necessary, just for an hour. That might be a big enough challenge to start with for some of us. Once you've been successful with an hour, then try two hours, then three, etc. Let's all see how long we can go without one complaint, or negative thought, word or action. Once you've got the hang of not complaining and having negative thoughts, is to replace those with thoughts and words of kindness and love. Not just towards others, but (this is often the most difficult challenge) towards own selves. We don't realize how much we beat ourselves up, until you become aware that we do. We are most often, infitesimally much harder and meaner to ourselves that we would ever be to those around us, even our worst enemies.

Wow...that's a realization and a half!

I don't know if anyone will read this, but if so, I'll be right there along with you as this has been a major challenge for me. Please post comments or questions, of if you're just having difficulty with the challenge and are in need of some support. Maybe together we create a new world made up of happy, joyous people!

In the meantime, I send all of you love, light and most importantly GIGGLES!