Friday, November 20, 2009

Conscious Planet - Take a Quantum Leap with your health

“The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats which degenerates.Renew this fluid at intervals, give the cells what they require for nutrition and as far as we know it, the pulsation of life may go on forever." - Dr Alexis Carrel, 1873-1944, Nobel Prize in Medicine  

Here's some info about a great company who sells some amazing products. These products are not only high quality and will help you to make a quantum shift in your health, but they are of a very high vibration and consciousness. 

What Makes Conscious Planet Products and the Quest Optimal Health Program Superior? Our food philosophy and intent.
  • don’t mess with the perfection of mother nature.
  • trust the bodies innate intelligence to take care of itself.
  • more is not necessarily better.
  • remove the vibrational cause of the problem instead of treating the physical symptoms.
  • food is only as good as the nutrients found in the soil in which it is grown.
  • sustainability is leaving a zero footprint and the world better than you found it.


    We use the highest quality organic whole super foods possible that are concentrated in essential nutrients the body does not make and must get from food consumed in its whole natural form. Wild crafted and authentic picked foods have at least 2x the bio-photon or “Life Force” energy of Organic Foods. Organic food has 5x the energy of conventional or chemically treated foods. Cooked foods have 0% bio-photon energy.  

    Proprietary Processing 

    We choose superior drying and processing methods that cause as little harm to our organic herbs, vegetables, fruits and seeds as possible thereby conveniently concentrating nutrient levels to overcome soil depletion. Then we use techniques to energetically enhance the food thereby optimizing bio-availability and utilization of the nutrients so that the body is getting what it requires in the right amounts. 

     Four Pillars Determining Factors 

    Most companies have been plagued with the challenge of only using Nutritional Analysis to determine the quality of their products. However we know a nutrition facts panel is not enough information to make a healthy choice for you and your loved ones.  A great example would be the raw almond vs cooked almond analogy. Nutritional analysis shows they are identical, however if you sprout a raw almond and plant it, it grows and creates life, and when eaten is easily digested and readily utilized by the body. A cooked almond on the other hand cannot sprout, rots when you plant it, more than 50% of the protein, 70% of the vitamins and 100% of the phyto-nutrients are destroyed, and when eaten, causes indigestion and is treated like a toxin by the body. The body has the final say in what it uses.

    How many farmers plant cooked seeds? Are you planting cooked seeds of wellness in your life?

    Conscious Planet uses these Four Pillars, or determining factors, to identify the finest foods and products for human health and well being:
  1. We use Nutritional Analysis to identify foods with the most nutrient rich content in order to offset soil depletion.
  2. Next we identify foods with highest vital life force energy and ability to regenerate our bodies at the cellular level.
  3. Then we use Vega or EAV electro-dermal screening type devices for body response testing and choose those foods that the body reacts to in perfect balance, no stress.
  4. Finally, based on the work of Dr. David Hawkins applied advanced kinesiology, we muscle test for and choose foods that have the highest frequency or highest levels of       consciousness and appropriateness for human health and wellbeing.

The Quest Optimal Health Program 

The Quest Optimal Health Program is a satisfaction guaranteed opportunity for anyone to understand the cause and removal of disease, take responsibility for your health and experience feeling better than they have ever felt before. This vantage point will give you a clearer perspective for long term results and the ability to support others to do the same. 

The Quest Optimal Health Program Pro Terrain Diet is a simple eating program that includes the Conscious Planet Products and a guideline of every day foods combined for optimal performance in today's reality. This program is based on the enlightened eating habits from communities such as the Essenes that Jesus was born into, to the anti microbial diet taught by the world's leading healing centers where participants achieve the greatest results. The key focus is to create a balanced pH in the body. PH means potential or percentage of hydrogen. The scale goes from 0-14, where below 7 is acid and above 7 is alkaline. This chart shows where the ideal blood pH is for humans and what happens when we eat a diet with too many acidic foods and experience too much stress in our lives. 

PH Chart

Results experienced differ for every participant based on where they begin their journey back to health. It is our belief that the Conscious Planet Products and Quest Optimal Health Program will provide the tools and ideal environment required by the body and uncover the Original Blue Print within us that is our birthright for a life of optimal health, and if you persist, you will achieve health at any level you wish to experience. 

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