Saturday, July 31, 2010

Angel of the Month for August

This month I used Doreen Virtue's "Saints & Angels" Oracle deck.

The card that was picked this month, "Reward", literally jumped out of the deck as I shuffled. I always take that to mean it really wants to be heard. As soon as I saw what card it was, I knew that it was so appropriate for what has been going on energetically in the past few months.

In the past few months, with the Harmonic Cosmo-Genesis (or what's also become known as the second Harmonic Convergence), Summer Solstice happening at about the same time as Lunar eclipse, and a seven planet Grand Cross, a tremedous amount of energy has been shaken loose.All of these shifts in energy have to do with cleaning out our proverbial (and literal) closets of all of the old that no longer serves our highest good. All that cannot move through this time of transformation as we move closer to 2012.

Most of us have been experience upheaval, the old ways of being, doing and thinking are being forced to the light, to be transmuted into Divine Infinite Love. As a result, we may be now moving into a place of rest and a forced slowing down so that we can integrate from the change that has taken place.With the Reward card that has been pulled, the immediate message that I received from the Angels, is that we will soon be entering into a phase where we will begin to reap the rewards for all of the hard and dilligent work that we've been doing,
outwardly and inwardly.

The Angels say that this reward is long due, and it is our time to celebrate what we've done and all that we have moved through and past, as we head toward the light.Those of you who have been pursuing a life purpose in healing and transformational work, will now be given new opportunities for growth and expansion in these pursuits, eventually allowing us to release the jobs and professions that no longer serve this higher purpose. The Angels tell me that now is the time for us to shine our light in ways that we haven't been able to in a way that's not only financially sustainable, but will allow us to thrive, and consequently, be able to show others how to do the same.

Those who are not currently in the healing & transformational arts as a profession, may start to feel a call to move in that direction. The next few months will provide opportunities to pursue that call with less resistance that we've experienced in the past. And with many of already well on that path, we can be the wayshowers for those who are just beginning.

For those who are working the path of the "Undercover Lightworker" and choose to have other careers, will be also shown new and beautiful ways to spread their light to those who need it and are ready to awaken to their soul purpose. The Angels tell me that over the next six to twelve months, there will be a great influx of those who are new on their spiritual journies, greater than we've ever seen,and those of us who have been on this path for some time, are going to be very, very busy. Our light will called up more than we've experience.

This promises to be a very exciting time, providing that we allow ourselves to go with the flow with the least amount of resistance we can muster up. We're also being reminded by the Angels, that even though we are going to be busier than ever, that we need to take care of ourselves more than ever. They tell me that
because of the demand on our time, energy, light and services, we may be tempted to do more than we can handle, because our souls are calling so strongly to be of service.

The Angels remind us that in order for us to be truly and fully of service, that we also need to rest, eat healthy (preferably organic) foods, get plenty of rest and physical exercise, meditate regularly and practice self care daily. They also tell me that we will need to exercise our boundaries, as more people find their way to us for guidance and healing.

Our time we begin to be in more demand, which will require us to say "no" occasionally. This is where networking with other practitioners and teachers will come in handy. As our own schedules fill up, we may need to refer people to others to help take up the slack, so that we don't burn ourselves out. The Angels say that there is little that is worse that a burned out Lightworker who can't be of service. We must remember to take really good care of ourselves, starting now. If we've neglected to do these things, we need to get started now, so that when the influx begins, we will have already created a new habit and will greatly lessen (if not, eliminate it) the risk of burn out.

Before that influx begins, the Angels mostly are asking us to enjoy the little bit of down time (if you're getting that at the moment) and rest while you can, so that you will be ready. Many lightworkers are already experiencing that influx, and it won't be long before the rest of us are in the same place. Keep your eyes out for new opportunties for plans and projects long awaited coming into fruition, as this is a time for that to begin to happen.

These opportunities are coming your way a reward for the work we've all done, so when you can, try not to hesitate too much. It may feel as though you are leaping a great chasm and taking the biggest leap of faith you've ever done. Just know that when those opportunities cross your path, it's because you ARE READY and have all of the tools, skills and abilities to sprout your wings and take flight! (To Infinity...and Beyond!) Most of all, the Angels are saying be in Joy, Love, Laughter, and always, always, always...

Image: "Enlighten" - Angels By Sharae
Follow Your Bliss!
You can never go wrong!

Love, Light and Laughter,
The Angels