Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Calling Workshop...aka: what the %^$# am I doing with my life ?!

Is this for you? Let's see...
Perhaps you are a person with lots of talents, interests, and passions, but you just can't figure out how to put 'em all together.
Maybe you have a job or business you really don't care for anymore. You feel there is more to life, that you'd like to work at something meaningful, maybe work for yourself, help others, have a better lifestyle, but you just can't figure out what you should be doing.
You know you are creative, independent, and would prefer to make your living doing your 'own thing' if you could just figure out what...!
Do you ever get that 'panic' of feeling time is ticking along, and you still haven't figured out what the heck you're supposed to be doing with your life? This can be a very unpleasant experience - I know first hand what it felt like, and I'm sure glad I don't feel it any more!
There is hope!  
 There are 5 steps to getting on track. The problem when it comes to work direction, as I see it: most people are looking for a noun, such as electrician, Reiki Master, consultant. But your calling will not be a noun. It will be more like a verb... It is not a destination but a way of living that you are really craving. You can be an electrician not living your calling, or an electrician living your calling - and I'll tell you about a friend of mine that made that very shift, and made a big contribution to a community doing it...
What is more important than choosing the work itself? Maybe the beautiful feeling that:

  1.    your life has more and more juicy meaning all the time

  2.    the feeling that you've made a contribution to the world and enjoyed the heck out of doing it

  3.    that you've seen your dreams coming true, felt the love of friends and family

  4.    you are able to continually explore and express your interests & your gifts in making a good living.

  5.    you uplift and inspire others, your lifestyle has equal measures of excitement and space, and life evolves right along with you - no more being stuck.
What you will learn on the workshop:
In our evening, you will learn the 5 building blocks of the Calling Formula! I call them JRs - Juicy Realizations - and once you understand their importance in your life, I think you'll wonder how you ever left them out of your work direction decisions in the past! Funny enough - only one of these JRs has to do with your work and income! You will learn how to start making work decisions that are not only more successful and meaningful, but will enhance the other aspects of your fulfilling life - and THEN you start to feel you're on the right track!
You can start now: Remember how I said your Calling is not a destination, but a way of living? That means you can start living your Calling right away! No more waiting... By the end of the Workshop, you will have generated at least one action in each of the 5 JRs, which will give you the feeling of being on track. The good news is that you don't have to know the future then, you just have to be able to choose the next steps! Then it's just a matter of following your heart right into a new way of being, and isn't that ultimately what we want... to follow our hearts, and succeed doing it?
I will also be sharing several stories of amazing work direction moves that clients and acquaintances have taken, and how some of them were figured out in less than an hour and have enhanced their lives greatly... let these folks' stories help open your mind about 'what you do for a living' and how great things are often right in front of us all the time - we just hadn't put the pieces together!
Workshop Details:

  1.  ✓   Duration: The Calling Workshop is a live workshop 3 hours in length with a short break in the middle. (Online version on its way - ask me!)

  2.     Price: $37 all in

  3.    Facilitator: Alex Baisley, founder of the Big Dream Program and creator of the Calling Workshop

  4.    Registration: places are always limited to the size of our venue. Although you would be welcome last minute, it is very important that you register for the workshop you want to ensure we’ve got your spot for you!

    Date: Tuesday, July 27
    Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm
    Location: Parkland Community Centre
    Address: 14660 Parkland Blvd S.E., Calgary, AB

    Preregistration REQUIRED as we only have so much space.
    Please send a message to organizer Alex Baisley at

    RSVPing is GREAT, but we also need you to register by email, ok!

    Hope to see you there!

    ~Alex Baisley

    Chief Life-Renegade at the Big Dream program ;)