Thursday, March 09, 2006

I got sidetracked last night...

So much for posting something on the "other side" (ooh...that's what I should call that blog...hmmm..I like it). I started looking at some other friends blogs (spinning pen and miss fern) and got caught up looking at "blog tools", and found this really amazing webtool for building your own website, and they do the hosting too. I've discovered a way easier way of building a site. So, I was up until 12:30am last night, fussing around with it. It's not much to look at yet, but it's a start. I have to figure out how to personalize my template now. But, if anyone is interested, you can go check it out at .

Please, if anyone has some input on how to make this thing visually "stimulating", please comment or email me. For someone who's really great at designing business cards, logos, doing cool stuff in photoshop, I'm at a loss with the visuals of a good website, even though I've seen a million sites and have a good idea of how they should look. I get in front of my own site and completely draw a put intended...hehe.

In any case. Go, check it out, fill out the guest form. Start a discussion. Send an email. These are about all the things I've enabled so far, because everything else is in creation mode. Ugh, this is a lot of work!

Oh, and I must not forget. If you decide to use these guys also (which so far, I highly recommend, tell them I referred you (of course, tell them my REAL name...Candice Creelman) cuz there's a referral program. But wait until my free trial is done, as I don't get credit until I'm a paid member. Their tech support is amazing. I send a question last night and within 20 minutes, I had a real reply from someone, not just one of those automated responses saying "we'll reply in 48 hrs or less.". I send another one before I logged off last night, and there was a reply this morning, so these guys are really good! Now I just have to talk Danard into us spending $12 / month to become a member. I think it's well worth the money. Go check them out.



iwrite said...

I like the new look! As you go you'll change little things and customize it for your own. Off to The Other Side now...