Saturday, March 04, 2006

Under the Weather

Here we are, another day, another post. I've misssed a few days in actually making a post. I hate to give the excuse that I've been really busy, but sometimes life (or in this case, the day job) gets in the way. Today will be a short post, as I"m not feeling well today. I think my body is revolting from all the healing I've done over the past week.

After all the major healing work that was done on me on Saturday, I decided that wasn't enough, lol! Monday night, there was a monk from Tibet who was conducting a Tibetan Buddhist ritual called Medicine Buddha. I'd been wanting to get that empowerment for a while now, as it's theorized that Reiki actually originates from that teaching. Hard to describe how I felt afterwards. I can't speak for Danard (he got the empowerment too), but for me, I felt different...somehow, and was actually feeling a little "off kilter" for a few days. Definetely some stuff came up to the surface for healing. Not sure what, even almost a week later. I'm sure I'll find out eventually.

Then on Wednesday night I got a very intense massage treatment. A lot of energy work was done in this treatment. My body did a huge amount of releasing of the physical "stuff" that was held there from emotional / mental blockages...likely stuff that had been release in the other healings that just needed to get out of the physical body.

Of course now, my body is fighting off a flu bug that just doesn't want to go away. It's been in my system for about 6 weeks now - not bad enough most of the time to warrant time off from work or a trip to the doctor, but just bad enough to be really annoying. I took Monday off work because it flared up. Tuesday, I thought I was better, and then since then, it's been creeping back in again. Today I feel "almost" like garbage. Again, not bad enough to warrant a trip to the doctor, but enough that I'm really stuffy, have a cough, blah blah blah. Argh, I wish this thing would either just kick in full force so I can clear it out of my system quickly and get it over with. Or, would just go away altogether and leave me alone. This inbetween stuff is ridiculous!

If anyone out there feels up to sending some healing, please feel free to do so. That way, maybe I can stand a chance of getting back to myself again so I can at least write posts that aren't about me whining about how "ucky" I feel, lol. (this flu seems to be affecting my brain too, lol)

So, no posts today about anything insightful, or "witty". I'm just going to go spend the day in bed, I think. much for the short post, hehe!

More later...

Morgana Sacred Walker


iwrite said...

I'm sending healing thoughts your way! Listen to your body - if it says rest, REST! Let the rest of us take care of cranky customers. Have a great weekend, and feel better!

Morgana said...

That's a what Ima doin'!