Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Body, Soul and Spirit Expo Website

We finally have a little bit more of a "web presence". As of today, we now have an online ad listed with the Body, Soul and Spirit Expo website (see link to the right). With our membership there, we will be listing upcoming events in the events section. To find our ad, go to "directory", then click on "healing arts" from the list of categories, then click "reiki". You'll see Thunderbird Sky, and a link to our page in that site, with details of what we do, contact info and events listings.

Please feel free to check us out there and if you have any comments on the ad (things you like, things that would make it better, etc). We would welcome the input.

We're also doing some brainstorming currently about other low cost, but highly effective means of advertising and getting Thunderbird Sky out there so that we can build our business so that it becomes a full time endevour. If anyone has any suggestions for that as well, please let us know. I'm also tryingn to learn how to build a full fledged website. If anyone has any tips for that PLEASE call or email me. I feel like I'm drowing in my "learning curve". Also, if anyone would like to actually help us with building a site and is willing to do it on a trade basis, we're very open to that as well. We could trade sessions, readings, and / or classes for a website.

In other news, Danard and I had an interesting conversation on the weekend on this whole marketing thing. I learning something very interesting about just what exactly it is that we do here at Thunderbird Sky. I learned that a great portion of what we have to offer is something called Medical Intuition. For years, I thought that meant that you intuitive "diagnose" physical dis-ease in the body. What I've since found out, is that it's much more than that, and it's also what we do.

Medical Intuition is the ability to sense what is going on, on a mental, emotional, spiritual level that can affect the physical body. For example, if someone is very stressed, and out of touch with their emotions, it can have an effect on the physical heart. So, we've now decided to incorporate that into our advertising and marketing as something that we offer. It's an ability that few healers either have, or are willing to advertise, so this makes us rather unique. I thought this was pretty cool, when I learned this, as I thought it was something way beyone my scope as a healer. Pretty darn special, if you ask me.

This might be an interested topic of conversation to start, if anyone has any interest in chatting about what medical intution means to you. If you have any comments on this topic you would like to bring, please feel free.

Anyway. Time for this kid to hit the sack, as it's after midnight, and I'm already morphing into a pumpkin as we speak! Talk to you all later...g'night!

MorganaSacred Walker