Friday, March 31, 2006


I just redid my savings o metre today, as well as the "time left" metre. And of course, according to my bank account, I have less money saved than I did 2 weeks ago. How does that work exactly? Ah yes...bills, and rent and groceries, etc. I'm really hoping I get lots back for my income tax return, otherwise I'm doomed to full time employment at the day job.

Hmmm...gotta think of ways I can save more money.

Stay Tuned,


iwrite said...

I hope you have better luck than I did... I got a piddly return and was charged $144 for it! Now I wait for my cheque for the goverment...

Good on ya for the metres! They really help, I find, and there's a little thrill when you get to put more on them!

Morgana said...

So far, my return will be a little over $900, and we didn't have all the receipts put together. Danard found about another $2000 worth of those. so...we'll see shortly.


Crazy Catlady said...

well you did better then me. I owe the government 66.00. I wonder if they will come after my first born if I don't pay?? LOL (hope he doesn't read this)